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Community Advice Outreach Team to attend Perth Farmer's Market on Sat 6th November 2021

The past 18 months has been hard for charities in the ways they can support members and service users.

To get around the challenges of social distancing we at Asbestos Action made ourselves available on the phone for those who needed a chat or help with their entitlements including support with benefit forms.

However now places are starting to fully open, albeit slowly, we at Asbestos Action have tried to think of other ways to increase accessibility for members. This also ensures anyone who has been newly diagnosed and in need of support, can still access the help they need.

One of the ways we hope to increase access to your services is by going to the Perth Farmer’s Market on Saturday 6 November between 11am and 12pm – and here you’ll be able to meet our Community Advice Outreach Team which will be able to answer questions relating to asbestos disease, benefit entitlement and potential civil claims.



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