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Asbestos Action highlight dangers of asbestos to Scottish MSPs

Asbestos Action were delighted to be invited by Scottish MSP Jenna Marra to have an information stand at the Scottish parliament for the week beginning 6th November 2017.

John Fearn, manager at Asbestos Action, attended with the aim to raise awareness about the charity amongst Scottish MSPs, along with highlighting the risks asbestos still pose today and to underline the issues victims of asbestos related lung cancer face when applying for State Benefits.

There are planned changes to parts of the benefits system, which once in place, may make it harder for asbestos disease suffers to access the benefits they are entitled to.

Euan Love and Mark Nicholson, both specialist lawyers in Asbestos Disease Compensation at Digby Brown, also came along to help us highlight these issues to members of the Scottish Government.

John Fearn, manager at Asbestos Action said: “It was a great opportunity to meet the MSPs a one to one basis and explain the current challenges the charity faces in terms of sufferers benefits, asbestos still in public buildings and the difficulties faced by the legal profession in obtaining justice for victims.

“Many thanks also to Euan and Mark from Digby Brown for their support on the stand and being available to explain the intricacies of the legal system to the MSPs.”



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