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An Operational & Service Update from John Fearn Manager at Asbestos Action

Thought it was time for another important update before our next newsletter is posted.

We are extremely pleased to announce that our charity is back to full strength after a challenging 20 months.

All the staff are delighted that Dianne is back at work and I should say not just the staff but clients as well and some of our clients have been able to receive a home visit (safety precautions in place).

Which brings me onto my next piece of service news - some home visits have been able to take place much to the delight of our clients, however I thought it would be nice to let you hear from Dianne on how she is doing and also from her clients who have received a visit.

Q. How did you feel on furlough?

Q. How much did you miss the charity and your clients?

I missed the charity and clients massively. I am very privileged to do what I do. It has been lovely reengaging with John, Liz and Pete. The people and families I support are the most important part of my job. I missed being able to visit people in their homes whilst offering help and support as well as keeping up to date with their daily lives.

Q. What has been the best thing about being back?

Being back!! I’m very much enjoying catching up with clients and their families, getting myself up to date with changes since I have been away. I am reconnecting with colleagues, organisations and professionals I work with as well as refreshing my knowledge of the benefits system. So far, the clients I I have spoken to have continued to have regular links with their consultants and hospitals treatments have continued. It appears that perhaps services where home visits are involved and GP appointments have been problematic.

I have had some home visits already and the feedback has been great, please see below some of the feedback

"Dianne is the only person who visited me at home. Had she not got in touch I probably wouldn’t have received all the benefits I am entitled to as I wouldn’t have known where to start or how to complete the forms so the help to fill in the forms was really important. Dianne continues to keep in touch with me and visits at a time that suits me."

Alistair Martin 08/12/21

"Thank you for coming to see me. I find it very comforting and uplifting to freely discuss my condition with someone who understands my illness. My family do fully support and care for me, but it is nice to have another source of help and support especially with form filling. Once again thanks for being there for me and I look forward to our next chat."

Bill Begg 30/11/21


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