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Kevin Blyth

Professor of Respiratory Medicine in Glasgow and founder of Macmillan Scottish Mesothelioma Network

Kevin Blyth is Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Glasgow. He splits his time between the CRUK Beatson Institute/University of Glasgow and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where he leads the Glasgow Pleural Disease Unit.


He founded and is Director of the Macmillan Scottish Mesothelioma Network, which coordinates clinical care and access to trials for Mesothelioma patients in Scotland. He leads a translational research program Mesothelioma and is Principal Investigator of the CRUK PREDICT-Meso International Accelerator Network. He is elected Chair of the European Respiratory Society Pleural Malignancy Group (Assembly 11.2), Chair of the Mesothelioma UK Clinical Expert Panel and a Trustee of Mesothelioma UK.

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