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Asbestos Action 2019 AGM

ASBESTOS sufferers, their families and medical professionals received expert advice from Asbestos Action.

The not-for-profit charity held its AGM last week at the renowned V&A Dundee museum to highlight the ongoing work being done by medical, legal and political bodies to enhance justice.

Labour MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife Claire Baker spoke to the 100 delegates after her own father passed away from an asbestos-related disease - last year she join Asbestos Action at Holyrood at the launch of their support booklet.

And Phillip Short, a respiratory consultant at Ninewells Hospital, spoke about the impacts asbestos fibres have on the lungs.

John Fearn, manager at Asbestos Action, said one of the biggest challenges is holding to account those responsible.

He said: “Looking back to when asbestos was being used, I do think there was a bit of short-term thinking going on.

“They were worried about a girder falling on someone’s head but not so much about something potentially happening in, say, 40 years.

“It is frustrating that even now, big businesses are looking for loopholes while people are suffering.”

Asbestos Action were also joined at the AGM by national media which shared the accounts of brave sufferers who attended on the day such as the Daily Record, The Courier, Radio Tay and STV.



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