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When faced with asbestos related disease yourself or when someone close to you is, you may feel powerless. However, it is important to remember that most of the charities working in the asbestos field, including Asbestos Action, were set up and are run by sufferers of asbestos related disease or by people who have cared for someone with such a disease.

Everyone, no matter how ill or pressed for time they are, can do something to enable better research funding into the condition and further the cause of justice for those diagnosed with asbestos related diseases.

Below are suggestions as to how you might be able to help Asbestos Action continue its work of providing practical support to those seeking our help.

Membership of Asbestos Action

For the sum of £5.00 you can become a member of Asbestos Action. Membership fees along with a grant from the Big Lottery Fund enables us to continue our vital work. As a member you will be informed of work undertaken by the Management Committee and have the possibility of being elected to that Committee when a vacancy occurs. If you would like to become a Member of Asbestos Action please contact or call 0808 196 1861.

Raise Funds

A small charity is in constant need of funds and people can help in this task by sponsoring the charity at a sporting event, organising a pub quiz, or other fund raising events. Some people may choose to make out a standing order in favour of the charity or remember us in a will. We have many ideas on how you might be able to fundraise on our behalf so if you would like to do this please contact John Fearn on 0808 196 1861.

Gift Aid

If you make any form of financial donation to Asbestos Action and you pay tax it is possible to increase the value of the donation by making it a Gift Aid donation. By filling out our Gift Aid Declaration form the value of your donation is topped up by the government by 25p for each £1 donated. For further information on Gift Aid and donations please contact John Fearn on 0808 196 1861. Click here to download a Gift Aid form.

Just Giving

Another way to donate is via the Just Giving Website.


In a small charity such as ours there is always a need for willing helpers. If you have skills that you feel would be of use to us in our endeavours on behalf of those with asbestos
related diseases please get in touch with

Make an enquiry

Providing one to one support for those diagnosed with an asbestos related illness

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